How To Choose The Best Paint Interior Colors For Your Bedroom

The color effects in your house, especially in your bedroom, have a way of affecting your mood. paint colorsTherefore, it is imperative that you choose a color combination that will positively influence your mood and enable you to face the day ahead with optimism and positivity, in addition to defining the overall ambience of the bedroom.

There are so many color options we could choose from and this choice is often pretty much determined by our individual preferences. However, in this post, we shall offer some tips to consider when looking for the best colors for your bedroom, beyond the mere consideration of aesthetic appeal.

Factors To Consider

Consider The Side Your Bedroom Lies– For those living around the tropical regions, there is very little variance on the amount and intensity of sunlight that makes it way to your home. However, for those who live in places like the Northern Hemisphere, you will want to ensure the bedroom is located on the Southern side because this side receives more sunlight intensity.

Are you wondering why we are discussing sunlight and not colors? Well, the two are so very intertwined. A bedroom that receives minimal sunlight would have to be painted in brighter colors such as white and cream so as to properly harness the little sunlight. For those whose bedrooms receive maximum sunlight throughout the year, you have so much leeway when it comes to choosing your preferred bedroom paint colors.

What Are The Psychological Effects? – All colors have a psychological effect on humans and hence, choosing an appropriate paint color for your bedroom is paramount. Soft neutrals such as soothing blues and warm browns are known to create a serene and spa-like ambience.

If you want to wake up each day feeling energetic and enthusiastic about the day ahead, you could consider orange and white. Avoid overly bright colors such as deep red as these are known to escalate blood pressure.

Consider The Size Of Your Bedroom – Is your bedroom enough size for you and if not, do you wish to create an illusion of a larger size or smaller size? The paint colors used in your bedroom can help you achieve that without breaking a sweat.

In case you wish to create an illusion of a larger room, you could consider light colors such as pale gray, light greens, icy blues, white and creams. On the other hand, an illusion of a smaller and cozier bedroom can be created by painting the room in darker shades.

Consider Your Age – Last but not least, age plays a vital role when choosing a paint color for your bedroom. For starters, older people are not attracted to overly bright colors such as bright oranges and reds. These are a special favorite of the younger teens though. Older people prefer colors that add a romantic allure to their bedrooms such as warm browns and rich reds. Additionally, any color that creates a feel of luxury such as gold tones will definitely appeal to members of this age bracket.

As for teens and younger adults, anything bright is acceptable as it makes their bedrooms exceptionally different from other rooms in the house. Purple is a favorite of many teenage girls and though they may not know it, the color is believed to stimulate brain activity so always insist on painting their bedrooms with this color. For a more detailed understanding of paint colors and paint consultation, contact a professional painter like painters in Broomfield to better help you make your paint color decisions.

Evidently, the choice of paint colors for your bedroom pretty much boils down to your preferences. As long as it creates a feel of energy, enthusiasm that makes you happy, then go for it.